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Activities On Board

We have put together a specialised itinerary which combines a mix of water-based and beach activities, so you get the most out of your 2 day/1 night eco-adventure around the Whitsundays! There is never a dull moment on SV Whitehaven! Below is a brief of just some of the experiences to be had along the way.


The uninhabited Islands of the Whitsundays consistently deliver a world class Starlight experience like no other. Kick back under the heavens and stare in wonder as the knowledgeable crew share stories of myth and legend. Learn about the formation of the planets, stars, and the universe itself.


Nothing is more relaxing than the feel of a ship under sail, and onboard SV Whitehaven you can even help hoist the sails with the crew or just sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands. This is a great opportunity to socialise with your fellow passengers or hear from our knowledgeable crew who enjoy sharing stories and information on the local area including those of the Ngaro people.


Snorkelling is certainly a highlight of the trip and we will take you to some of the best locations around the Whitsunday islands. Get ready to have the experience of lifetime as you get up close and personal with the abundance of marine life and coral reefs, and you may even have a memorable encounter with some of the 'reef residents' including 'Elvis' the local Giant Grouper who permanently calls Blue Pearl Bay home.


The best way to explore your natural surroundings at your own pace is with one of our eco-friendly kayaks. This is a great way to get back to nature and check out some of the hidden gems around the islands which are only accessible by kayak.

Bush Walking

A stop on Whitehaven Beach wouldn’t be complete without a bushwalk to the world-famous Hill Inlet Lookout. Our crew will take you on a guided tour along the aboriginal Ngaro walking trails where you are bound to encounter a variety of wildlife species. And, the views from Hill Inlet Lookout will leave you breathless as you look over the swirling sands of Whitehaven Beach and the surrounding tropical islands - the ultimate photo opportunity.


There will be plenty of chances to soak up some of the Aussie sun on SV Whitehaven’s spacious decks, or you can throw a towel out on the beach and work on your tan. Afterwards, retreat from the tropical sun under the large sunroof on the aft deck which can accommodate all of our guests.

Citizen Science

Participate in Data collection for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as the crew records all the amazing things you see. Dolphins off the port bow, White Bellied Sea Eagles fishing next to the boat, Humpback Whales birthing their calves. Guests will be able to participate in documenting these wonderful encounters. Be part of making a real difference to wonderful creatures that call this place home.

Save the Turtles

Some of the biggest challenges our amazing Sea Turtles have is nesting habitat destruction and plastic digestion. Join the crew in collecting, removing, and recording plastics and marine debris from sensitive Turtle nesting areas and collection points. Help the crew count turtle tracks during nesting season. Record sightings of Sea Turtle thru the Eye on the Reef program. Know that your actions are making a real difference as well as memories to last a lifetime.


Join us on our incredible 3-night Eco Expedition and get off the tourist trail. Adventure off the beaten track and be the only people on an uninhabited island. Watch sunrise over the bay and be the only boat in sight. Our crew have decades of experience and go the extra miles to provide a totally unique experience.